Inner Child Realignment

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“Unleash your inner child, be a little wild.” – Laura E. Brusseau

The inner child is the piece of our subconscious mind that absorbed information like a sponge prior to the beginning of learning emotional and mental maturity when puberty kicked in. This piece of our subconscious mind views and reacts to the world the same way our prepubescent child self did in our early years, and is often very egocentric. When left unchecked the inner child determines our mental and emotional response to external influences, which often will shape our physical actions and reactions. Cast your mind back and remember the last time you were involved in or witnessed a confrontation that contained the phrases ‘act your age’, ‘gee, how old are you?’ or ‘you’re acting like a child’.

The inner child is triggered in response to the feeling of lack in our present life that stems from where we felt we lacked the same in our childhood. This can be things like love, affection or attention where we experienced trauma in its place. Often we do not realise the impact moments in our childhood have on our adult life, from experiences that seem as simple as the emotional destruction of your favourite toy. The child self requires support and nourishment, the way we would have liked to be supported and nourished when growing up.

During this circle I will drop you into an expanded state of consciousness as to ease the ability of connecting with your inner child. Here we will meet, greet and communicate with our child self to discover where any conditioned blockages my exist and bring into our awareness the opportunities in life to support our inner child. You’ll be gifted with the opportunity to provide your child self with some much needed nourishment and love, and discuss areas of opportunity in your life for you to continue to embrace your child self.

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Location: Zoom

*a zoom link and information sheet will be provided in the lead up to each circle*