Did you know all sessions and services are customisable?

1:1 Sessions can be tailored to specific practices such as inner child healing, learning to read oracle cards, connecting with your spirit guides, releasing heartache and much more!

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Thank you so much for my card reading and tea leaf reading ... I love how genuine you are in your delivery of the messages you receive


Jack's healing that he does is so out of this world, but draws everything out that needs to be brought to the surface and mends those hidden parts of ourselves that we didn't think were an issue in our lives anymore


Wow tonight's Flaming Heart Circle ... only one word, WOW! Can't thank you enough Jack for the beautiful space you held for us. I feel renewed, shed so much


I absolutely love how you make each and every one of us feel so special, seen and loved Jack! My Bone Throwing Reading was so needed ... I have so much love for you and your work. I feel like you're such a beacon of light for all in these times


It was like he went right into my soul. I loved finally getting to know who my guides actually are, and after the reading I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders