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"Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul" - Pythagoras

Nature holds the answer to every question we’ve ever thought of. The wind. The soil. The trees. And one of the most obviosu ones. the animals. Whether you're aware of it or not, animals have a spirit, or a soul, and when they pass on in life their soul transitions to higher dimension, however that does not mean they're gone from our world for good!

A Spirit Animal, also referred to as a Power Animal, is an ally from the animal kingdom that serves to guide us through this life like a Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel would. Personally I resonate with the belief that we have one or two Spirit Animals that guide us for life, and numerous others who join us for periods of time throughout our journeys to guide us through those particular moments.

Hand the reins over to me and sit back and relax whilst I enter an altered state of consciousness and journey to meet your Spirit Animals for you. I will only ask for those animals who wish to come forward with a message at this time to present themselves. This may be only one, or up to as many who wish to come forth, and may be your life long Spirit Animal or a Spirit Animal that is with you for this part of your journey. I will deliver these messages of wisdom and guidance to you, as well as look into the symbolic energy behind each of the animals that present themselves.

Duration: 20-25 minutes

*readings will be completed and an audio recording emailed via dropbox within 7 business days*