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A traditional Japanese healing modality that has become a popular alternative medicine in Western society. Reiki Balancing is a 1:1 session where reiki energy is channelled through the practitioner and into the clients body and energy systems to remove any blockages. Although this practice follows somewhat of a standard procedure, these sessions are highly intuitive, meaning each one is entirely different and uniquely aligned with your energies and needs in the present moment.

Sessions consist primarily of channelling reiki energy directly into the chakras to help clear stagnant energy and blockages from the chakra system. Each session may use and tap into different healing techniques, such as sound, essential oils and crystals, to complement the reiki session. Messages are known to flow through from either my guides or your own, to provide wisdom and guidance on how to promote a balanced chakra system throughout your everyday life and what lifestyle choices are creating stagnant energies in your life.

These sessions are great for releasing any blockages and stepping into your power. These sessions will shift energies and remove blockages, allowing deeper emotional feelings and thoughts to come to the forefront of your awareness so that you may release them in your own unique way as the reiki integrates with your bodily systems.

Please ensure you’re properly hydrated before your appointment and are fully open to receiving the benefits of a reiki healing.


The session runs for 30 or 60 minutes depending on your choice, so please allow for this. A zoom link will be provided shortly after you have placed your booking for those choosing an online reiki balancing.

If you require a more flexible time please reach out and I will be in touch with you shortly after placing your order to organise the perfect time for you!


Distance sessions are completed without the need for yourself to be present. Following similar principles, distance reiki balancing's are ideal for releasing any blockages and stepping into your power. However, a slightly alternate method is followed that allows the reiki healing energy to be sent through time and space to yourself.

These sessions will be completed as close to your selected time slot, however, the healing energy may not be received by yourself until your higher self has accepted and allowed the reiki energy to flow down to yourself. The reiki energy will be held in a safe bubble above you until it is time to be filtered down to yourself.