Past Life Chronicles

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Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transferred from one form to another. It’s scientifically backed. It’s that simple.

At our simplest form we are nothing but a soul, and our soul is composed of nothing but energy. As we move through the Universe our energy forms, in whatever state they may be, come to the natural ending of their cycle. Rather than ceasing to exist, our physical form is left behind, with the soul moving onwards into the next cycle. Our soul may exist as an energy form in another realm or dimension, or it may take on another cycle here in this physical plane. This is known as reincarnation.

Using my innate gifts and abilities I will tap into the essence of your soul. Your very core energy. Here I will be shown elements of your previous lives with the intention of those that are having a karmic effect on your current life. Using the gift of the clairsenses I may see, hear, smell, feel or know pieces of your past lives that I am then able to help place together to form a narrative and idea of the kind of life you previously experienced.

Understanding and forming a connection with your past lives can help shed light on any subconscious blockages you may be experiencing in this life, any physical illnesses or wounds that have seemingly no explanation or even the karmic pattern you are fated to cycle through.

During this reading I aim to uncover the past lives that are most relevant to this life and your current situation. This may unfold as one past life or as many as I am shown.

Duration: 20+ minutes

*readings will be completed and an audio recording emailed via dropbox within 7 business days*