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Often described as celestial, futuristic, angelic, ancient and primal. It’s a language like no other.

Light Language is the vibrational expression of light in the form of sound. Although we most often do not recognise the messages and what is being spoken on a core level, we are able to relate to it as a language as it speaks directly to our soul and DNA. Sound allows vibration to carry. Vibrations are energetic waves. Light Language allows for the transfer of energy from higher powers and celestial beings into that of our soul, helping to uplift, transmute and transform our emotions, our physical bodies DNA, our mental state and trigger soul remembrance.

During this reading I will channel a personalised Light Language Letter just for you. One that will help you remember yourself at a core level, trigger realignment with your higher self and your higher purpose and help to elevate your frequency. This can be listened to at any point in your life when you feel the need… or the call!

Duration: 15 minutes

*readings will be completed as an audio recording and emailed via dropbox within 7 business days*