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An intuitive energy painting is a form of reading where your energy is interpreted and transferred onto a canvas through the flow of paint. Ideal for taking a look at your current energetic and emotional state, or finding out if and where any blockages are located. This style of reading is a snapshot of your current energy field and emotions at the time of the connection. As this type of reading is based on your current self it does not delve to much into the past or future, although may offer some insight into past or future experiences that have influenced this current state.

Like a card reading or tea leaf reading, an intuitive energy painting is done by connecting to your energy and any guides or angles of yours. The information, in the form of thoughts, feelings, images and messages, that come forth during the connection are intuitively interpreted and provided as a painting and written reading. The colours and placement of the paints are intuitively interpreted just like an aura reading.


12” x 16” canvas painting

written reading

Custom painting sizes are available. Please contact via email and we can discuss size options and prices.

Only if you're local to Portland, Victoria please select Pick-Up at checkout to avoid shipping costs. Your painting can be collected from our dropzone at Natural Soy Creations or my location after receiving your confirmation email.

Available for Australian Residents Only. If International please purchase a digital painting or contact me for shipping availability.

*readings shall be completed in 3-5 business days, please allow for drying of paint and shipping on top of this*