Hidden Messages Workshop

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Endless wisdom, guidance and insight lies within every vibration around us. Numbers, animals, colours, sounds, smells, shapes, movements, patterns, symbolism… the list is endless.

We all have the innate ability within to tap into the energetic frequency of the environment around us. Often we are quick to jump on Google or ask a friend for insight into a certain event we saw unfold, a particular angel number we’ve seen or the symbolism of an animal that has crossed our path or dreams.

Using my innate ability to tap into the vibrational wisdom of all that exists I will guide you into an expanded state of consciousness where you will be able to harness your own inner power to discover the hidden messages of the environment and the objects it contains. During the interactive workshop we will discuss some of the symbolism and meanings behind numbers, colours and more, before diving into hands on activities to help build your confidence in connecting with the hidden messages of the Universe. 

Duration: 60 minutes

Location: Zoom

*an information sheet and zoom link will be sent out the day before the workshop*