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A guided light work meditation that creates a safe space in which you can acknowledge the shadow parts of yourself and transform them with the help of Mother Earth and the power of fire.

After experiencing one of my past life selves and her strong connection to Mother Earth, witnessing her perform rituals around a fire that called upon the power of Earth itself, I decided to bring these elements into my current life. Embracing this part of myself, the origins of a circle, my connection to nature and the Lightworker that I am, Flaming Heart Circles were quickly brought to life.

The process involves a guided meditation that allows the group to bring their energies together in unity to create a space of love and safety. During this meditation you will be guided to activate your inner light source, call upon Mother Earth and her spirits, drop into your heart space and bring forth the heavy energies that are holding you back. Using the transformative power of fire and Mother Earth you will shift these negative energies into higher vibrations, filling your heart with light so that you may let go of what no longer serves you. The session involves a chakra alignment and DNA shift so that you may activate your highest potential and work on accepting the shadow part of yourself. Towards the end of the session each person will be given the opportunity to discuss their experience and the energies they have shifted.


  • The experience runs for approximately 60-90 minutes depending on the individuals participating.
  • Maximum of 10 people per circle.
  • The entire session is 100% confidential and under no circumstances is it to be shared with anyone, unless the individual has given permission.
  • You may choose to transform or share whatever you wish. No energy is to light or to heavy. Whatever is needing your attention at the time so that you can proceed forward smoothly is completely acceptable, be it deciding on a paint colour for the house or childhood trauma.
  • The circle aims to shift your energies into higher frequencies, empower you as an individual and give you the knowledge to continue transforming yourself.
  • These sessions are available worldwide, as they are conducted online in the comfort of your own home.
  • All times are provided in Melbourne Vic Time zone.


*an information sheet and zoom link will be provided a week prior to the circle taking place so that you are prepared and ready to roll*