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Energy Readings are conducted as a voice recording, face to face or via a zoom call. The session will be comprised of a combination of psychic energy reading, channelling and other tools such as oracle cards, numerology and bone throwing. The entire process is intuitively guided depending on what is needed in the moment.

I will first begin by assessing your energy and current state, looking at your inner world and how that is influencing the external world around you. This will help illuminate your framework, patterns and any stagnant energies that are within your being that are leading to subconscious blockages and misalignment with your truth.

We will then move on to how you may overcome any hurdles that you are currently facing and how you can continue to further evolve and step into your highest potential. This aspect of the reading may delve into the past and future and how that is influencing your energetic state at this point in the multidimensional timeline.

During the session it is possible that we will be joined by a personal guide or ancestor of yours, a member of my Shamanic Light Council or an Ascended Master. Please allow yourself to open to the messages and healing energies they may share, however please accept that they will not always come through. During the session we may also connect to a past life of yours that holds lessons and knowledge that can be transferred into the present, or we may connect with your Power Animal for extra guidance and support. These aspects will depend on the present moment.

Upon booking your reading have a think about the intent of the session, what questions you would like to ask or what areas of your life you’re currently seeking insight or guidance for.

The session runs for approximately 60 minutes, so please allow for this. If booking for an online session, a zoom link will be provided 24hrs prior to your session time.

If you require a more flexible time please reach out and I will be in touch with you shortly after placing your order to organise the perfect time for you!