Channelled Alignments

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A 1:1 session where I directly connect with Source and channel light energy into the body to remove any blockages so that you have the confidence to stand fully within your own skin. These sessions are highly intuitive, meaning each one is entirely different and uniquely aligned with your energies and needs in the present moment.

Sessions consist primarily of channelling light energy directly into the body with the aid of light language and light codes. Each session may use and tap into different healing techniques, such as sound, essential oils, reiki, crystals, tapping and breathwork combined with oracle card reading to help integrate the light with the soul. Messages are known to flow through from members of your Light Team and occasionally messages from Divine Beings will be channelled directly, with them taking the reins and facilitating the process of alignment. 

These sessions are great for releasing any blockages and stepping into your power. It is to be noted that channelled alignment’s work deeply with the subconscious mind and shift the energetic layers of your being. These sessions will shift energies and remove blockages, allowing deeper emotional feelings and thoughts to come to the forefront of your awareness so that you may release them in your own unique way as the light integrates with your soul. It is not uncommon in these sessions to perform a soul retrieval or remote any blockages and wounds carried over from a past life.

Please ensure you’re properly hydrated before your appointment and are fully open to receiving the benefits of channelled alignment.

The session runs for approximately 60 minutes, so please allow for this. A zoom link will be provided shortly after you have placed your booking.

If you require a more flexible time please reach out and I will be in touch with you shortly after placing your order to organise the perfect time for you!