Boundaries & Beliefs Workshop

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‘I’m just so exhausted and drained’, ‘you need to learn to say no’, ‘you’re being taken advantage of’ or ‘they’re disrespecting you’ are phrases I’m pretty confident we’ve all heard at least once, twice or multiple times in our lives.

Boundaries this and boundaries that. We’ve all been told about boundaries in life, or more appropriately a lack thereof, yet it’s typically something that is skipped over in fleeting conversation. How do we actually identify boundaries? How do our values and beliefs shape not only our boundaries, but also our life? And how on earth do we even implement and maintain healthy boundaries? 

Developed using my background in life coaching, this interactive workshop is designed to give you an understanding of your own beliefs, values and boundaries. With this knowledge, as a group we will aim to identify where our boundaries are unhealthy, where we lack boundaries all together and the values and beliefs that help us shape them. Most importantly we will explore how to implement healthy boundaries and maintain them.

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Location: Zoom

*an information sheet and zoom link will be sent out the day before the workshop*