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Do you ever feel like you have absolutely no influence over the blessings you receive in life? Or that you have know idea who your most authentic self is let alone how to begin stepping into it? Perhaps you struggle with self-love and truly embracing the infinite potential of your personal power?

Then this is the best self investment for you!

This 6 week course is designed to bestow upon you all the knowledge, wisdom and tools required to live a life of unconditional love and authenticity in order to harness your personal power and manifest your wildest dreams. Each week will be tailored around a particular theme and will include a 1-2 hour zoom classroom, weekly journal activities and a weekly meditation to truly help you align with that topics frequency. Most importantly, between each weeks zoom session you will have the opportunity to implement your learnings one topic at a time, before wrapping up the 6 weeks with everything you need to successfully intergrate the course into your reality. Like anything in life, the more you commit and put into it the more you shall benefit and receive from it. 

Week 1 - Introduction & Ideology
During week one we will explore the basic foundations behind why we find it difficult to manifest and live a life of authenticity. We will begin to look at some powerful tools that help with self-assessment and self-reorientation, building a morning routine and how to establish healthy boundaries. This will include journal prompts and a guided meditation.

Week 2 - Value of Time

It is my belief that one of the most valuable things in existance is time. During week two we will explore our values and how they influcence our value on time. It's pretty common to hear 'I don't have time' or 'I just have to finish this first then I'll have time' yet this just goes to show how unaligned we are with our own values. We will take a look at some powerful tools to help determine what is most important to spend our time on in life. This will include journal prompts and a guided meditation.

Week 3 - The Journey of Self-Love
Self-love is an artform to be cultivated, not a destination that is reached. So, how do we cultivate self-love and why are the darkest of moments some of the most important in this journey? During week three we will dive into all things self-love, like how to identify self-limiting beliefs and why self-discipline is the greatest act of self-love there is. This will include journal prompts and a guided meditation.

Week 4 - Living Authentically

How you show up every day determines the energy of your reality. So how do we ensure we are in alignment with our most authentic self and what impact does that have on our lives? During week four we will explore the reasons why we experience blocks in our subconscious mind that make it mentally, physcially and emotionally challenging to embrace our most authentic self. This will include journal prompts and a guided meditation.

Week 5 - Personal Power

It's something we all have, yet something the majority of us will go without. Our personal power fuels our determination and motivation and our levels of self-control and self-discipline. However, we so willingly give it away, both consciously and subconsciously. During week five we will explore personal power, how to cultivate it and how to step into it. This will include journal prompts and a guided meditation.

Week 6 - Embodiment & The Law of Attraction
Once we feel we are equipped with all we need in order to live a life of authenticity, love and abundance, how do we successfully embody that an manifest the reality we desire? During week six we will explore embodiment and the law of attraction, how to successfully manifest and some powerful tools to help do so, such as how to set effective goals. This will include journal prompts and a guided meditation.


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