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An aura drawing is a form of reading where your auric energy field is intuitively scanned and seen, then being transferred onto paper with oil pastels. This style of reading is ideal for taking a look at your current energetic & emotional state, or finding out if & where any blockages are located. Although an aura drawing is like a snapshot of your current energy field & emotions at the time of the connection, it can reveal past influences from this life and previous lives. 

The colours & placement of the energy seen within your auric field are intuitively interpreted to reveal their messages. It is not uncommon to see the energy of your guides, angels or passed loved ones interacting with your auric field as they pass through guidance and healing to you. All messages and interpretations received are written on the paper so you can see what I am seeing with each element of your auric field.

Like any intuitive reading, an aura drawing is done by connecting to your energy, however this is primarily done visually. When purchasing please send through a full body image via email, referencing your order number. To ensure I can read your current aura without any unwanted influnces please use a new photo, be the only individual in the shot and preferably standing in front of a light background.

Upon completion of your Aura Drawing, your A4 picture is carefully packaged and shipped to your address provided.