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Coaching focuses entirely on you! Yes, that’s right! This means each 1 hour session is tailored entirely to your exact needs for this period of your life.


My background in Life Coaching, Management and Spirituality allows each session to function as a mentorship, being used to help you expand and evolve in all areas of your life. Using a combination of energy work, intuition and knowledge I can help guide you through whatever you may be seeking to navigate, be it spirituality, business, skill sets, life or day-to-day tasks.

What can I use a Coaching Session for? 

  • Discovering and developing intuitive gifts
  • Learning to read oracle cards and energy
  • Discovering your spiritual interests
  • Growth within specific areas of life
  • Discovering your passions
  • Embodying your authentic truth
  • Stepping into your power
  • Working through barriers and blocked mindsets
  • Discovering and developing personal skill sets
  • Discovering and establishing your values, boundaries and beliefs
  • Establishing and working towards goals
  • Self-assessment and self-reflection
  • Accountability, tracking and action planning
  • And much more...

What should I expect?

Sessions are conducted via Zoom or Face-to-Face and run for approximately 60 minutes. Each individual is treated with the uttermost respect, acknowledging that they hold all the tools and wisdom within. Confidentiality is extremely important and you can trust that all matters will be handled in a professional manner.

Sessions typically begin with an intuitive energy reading and a chat about the direction you’d like to head in. Additionally, sessions can involve a questionnaire to help you discover your values and beliefs to assist in conscious decision making. From here we can work on specific tasks, establish goals and set up an action plan.

During the session we can dive into the importance of energy, frequencies and mindset when it comes to reaching your highest potential, manifesting and living your authentic truth. Recurring sessions are based on a timeframe that suits you and your goals, and can be arranged to provide status updates, self-assessment and reflection and the tweaking of action plans if needed.

What do I need to do?

All that is needed of you is a healthy level of optimism, openness and a willingness to grow! Bring along a pen and notebook to each session so that we can maximise your output and retention.

Upon checking out, if you already have an idea on the type of coaching/mentoring you need or the area of life you’re currently navigating, please add this to the notes section in as much detail as possible. Once you have booked your session a zoom link will be provided shortly after.

If you're unsure if coaching is the right option for you, will suit your needs or need any clarification then please fill out the contact form online or simply send me an email.

If you require a more flexible time please reach out and I will be in touch with you shortly after placing your order to organise the perfect time for you!

** please note this is an introductory price only **